The Great Indecision Council has several billions of members.
The Great Indecision Council is honoured to share some bits of human knowledge with non-humans.
The Great Indecision Council does not take any decision.

What do we say we’re interested in? What are we actually interested in? In the intimacy of our smartphone or computer, we secretly tell Google what we’d like to know about.
By fetching most looked up words from Google search and Google news in real time, and by bringing them to the public space through visual and sonic signals, The Great Indecision Council proposes to the visitors an involuntary self-portrait of our contemporary networked society.

The Great Indecision Council works exclusively with data from the country in which it holds the session, which is mixed with visual content and animations designed by the artist.

The Great Indecision Council takes the shape of a large scale, light and sound installation. A 20-meter circle in which the audience is invited to get immersed in light, words and mystic computer-generated chants, while being watched by potential observers — from far, far away.

Some pictures courtesy Sander Heezen.